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center sage®

A program for emotional intelligence and wellbeing 

Did you know

you can improve your wellbeing &

performance by


your Saboteurs

What's a Saboteur?

Saboteurs are our negative and limiting inner voices. Sometimes we hear them clearly. Other times we’re not even aware they’re there. They can be so powerful that we believe them and act on them without realizing it. 

Saboteur Archetypes:

“This project is only going to succeed if I’m in

total control.” 

“The worst is going to happen and I have to be ready.”

“If I don’t achieve my goals, I’m worthless.”

“I have to make sure others are happy and taken care of (but doing this for myself is selfish).” 

“I’m never going to get what I want. Why bother trying?”











Saboteurs may sound like...

When we buy into our Saboteur thoughts, we don’t show up the way we want

and we cause ourselves unnecessary distress. 

When we cultivate awareness and intention instead, we create access to our


selves, the part of us that is creative, curious, empathetic, purposeful and boundless. The part of us that gets it done and feels good while doing it.


Center Sage® is an 8-week program that uses Positive Intelligence® (PQ) technology to help you:

  • Identify your top Saboteurs and how they impact your life 

  • Practice simple exercises to reduce your Saboteurs’ impact

  • Build access to your Sage self and live from your fullest potential


What’s included?

  • Discover your Saboteurs with the PQ® Saboteur Self-Assessment

  • Watch 6 weekly 1-hour videos 

  • Daily practices and reflections through the PQ® app (15 mins/day)

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Tiana and fellow participants

  • A 1:1 coaching session with Tiana 

Center Sage® not only offers transformative insights, but helps you integrate changes sustainably into your life.

Daily practices and weekly group sessions create a supportive learning environment and help you stay accountable to your practice and goals. 

For those who are purpose-driven and/or active in social causes, this program is a game-changer. It helps you get out of your own way and show up much more powerfully in your work.

Tiana's experience with Positive Intelligence®:

I was lucky to be in the Positive Intelligence® program during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It was invaluable in the way it helped me tune into the inner voices of fear and uncertainty, center myself, and choose the best path forward with the information and resources I had. Doing daily practices through the app provided structure and cemented positive habits into second-nature. I’ve integrated the PQ® framework into my racial awareness programs and participants have reported great results.

Watch the TEDx Talk by Shirzad Chamine, founder of Positive Intelligence®:

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